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We can't wait to meet Robin! 

What has been your biggest struggle in nursing? Throughout my years as a Registered Nurse; time and time again I see how older nurses eat their young. Instead, I like to take their mistakes and make them to be "teaching moments".

What are your current goals? My professional goals after receiving my BSN was to pursue a higher level of education. The “field of nursing, the practices, emphases, and the goals have evolved as the patients’ needs, societal needs, and healthcare itself have transformed”. I am a recent graduate from Southern New Hampshire (SNHU) with a Master of Nursing in Patient Safety & Quality. In the near future, I would like to locate a part-time position as an adjunct Clinical Instructor to teach the future nurses. I have been blessed to have had the best preceptor during my years of nursing and would like to pass along the wisdom I encountered throughout my years as a registered nurse.

How can T.E.A.M. support you? The last two sessions were valuable information to use I have been able to use with my patients as a case manager at Amedisys Home Health.

Is there anything else you would like us to know? Be safe and we will be able to meet again soon.


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Personal Statement: "It is not the load that breaks you down; it is the way you carry it.” My mind’s voice has repeated these words so many times I have more than once mistaken them as product of my original thought instead of Ms. Lena Horne’s. My name is Robin D. Moore. I am older adult and have been inspired to serve in the nursing profession in multiple capacities for the past 21 years. Currently, I work as a Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) at an influential Veteran’s Hospital. Working with the veterans has been most humbling and rewarding such that I was inspired to return to school to pursue a Master of Science degree in the Patient Safety & Quality (PS & Q) track.

What is your area of expertise? Medical-Surgical Nursing.

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